What is this all about?

This website trains and supports community workers to assist vulnerable clients with many legal problems which impact their lives.

The Legal Health Check helps you identify your client’s legal needs and collaborate with free community lawyers to resolves these problems;  and 4 training videos show you how.

Watch the LHC Quick intro video or read our FAQs.

Legal Health Checks

In addition to the basic LHC, there are four tailored LHCs for youth at risk, newly arrived clients, clients with mental health concerns and clients with housing concerns.

Choose the LHC that best reflects the circumstances you are assisting the client with. If you are unsure which LHC to use, try the basic LHC first.

You can complete the LHC online and email a completed PDF to yourself or print out a PDF template. Mini LHC postcards are also available to print out.

Select LHC


Four short training videos take you through the basics of using the LHC with your clients and you can check your understanding with a quick quiz at the end.

  • What is the LHC? (11 mins)
  • Is the LHC worth it? (4 mins)
  • Issues covered by the LHC (4 mins)
  • Placing an order (8 mins)

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  • Best Practice Guidelines and Training for Community Lawyers.
  • Summary of Independent Evaluations of LHC.